Company Profile


NamePT. Ace Oldfields
Year Established1996
Company fieldsManufacturer and exporter of paint applicators
Range of Products- Budget & DIY Paint brushes                                                           - Professional paintbrushes (natural bristle and synthetic filaments)     - Paint rollers and frames                                                                - Wire brushes                                                                               ** Private Labels are welcome**
Export MarketUSA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Fiji



Vision & Mission

  • Reliable Quality and Delivery
  • Professional
  • Good Value
  • Sincere Dedication
  • Excellence Service



Ace Oldfields was formed in 1996 as a joint-venture company between:

  • PT. Ace Panbrush Industry
    (Established in Indonesia since 1989)
  • Oldfields International Pty Ltd of Australia
    (Established in Australia since 1916)



When PT. Ace Panbrush Industry started in 1989, their basic production skills and limited machineries only enabled them to produce basic and entry-level painting tools. However since their joint venture with Oldfields Pty Ltd, Australia, mutual benefits were gained:

  • Over the years, PT. Ace Panbrush Industry has obtained a great learning experience to increase their skills and techniques in brush making.  At the same time, they equipped the factory with better machineries to produce higher quality brushes for  Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe market.
  • As their partner, Oldfields International Pty. Ltd., has benefit by gaining bigger market share in Australia.


It was a perfect match and Ace Oldfields grew to become one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. With these strong combination, Australian expertise and Indonesia's relatively low operating costs, Ace Oldfields is confident of keeping up with the challenging market.